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How Cohere incorporates American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon (AAOS) Recommendations into Clinical Guidelines


Cohere has collaborated with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (“AAOS”) to provide Cohere’s End Users and any medical providers at authorized practices (“Readers”), with relevant information endorsed by a leading medical society representing orthopedic surgeons.

About OrthoGuidelines:

The AAOS provides evidence-based programs for current orthopedic diagnostic, treatment, and postoperative procedures. These programs include Clinical Practice Guidelines, Appropriate Use Criteria, and Performance Measures, and are published by the AAOS in a number of OrthoGuidelines products.

All content published under the OrthoGuidelines name is owned by the AAOS. 

How Cohere Incorporates AAOS & OrthoGuidelines Recommendations into Clinical Guidelines:

Many Cohere Care Paths contain references to guidelines published by the AAOS, and made accessible to Readers via links to the respective OrthoGuidelines webpage. Cohere has incorporated certain OrthoGuidelines throughout its Care Paths for the convenience of Readers interested in learning more about the AAOS’s official guidance related to certain services discussed therein. 

Recommendations are published and endorsed by the AAOS alone (not Cohere). Only where explicitly indicated by the red ribbon symbol has the AAOS reviewed the accompanying content published by Cohere. Accompanying each OrthoGuidelines, a weblink is provided to the full publication on the OrthoGuidelines website.

Screen_Shot_2020-12-09_at_8.43.27_AM.png = red ribbon symbol indicating the content has been reviewed by the AAOS

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